They are committed to promoting high ethical standards in their professional careers and make their best efforts to promote peace and mutual understanding between peoples of different nations, without distinction on grounds of sex, race, language, colour, nationality, philosophical or religious convictions or opinions. Rotary International is an organization of representatives from the world of business, administration and professions making a willing commitment to others, as a worldwide act of service.

Rotary presents itself as an open, democratically-run world movement, generously serving others with the best intentions at heart, because Rotarians believe that the main task of every human being is to contribute to the happiness of others.


Rotary is divided into Clubs and Districts.

There is also a central administration (in Evanston, Illinois, US) and seven regional offices (in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Korea, India, Japan and Switzerland). Great-Britain and Ireland enjoy a special status and have an office in Alcester (England).

Rotary is led by

  • the members of the Board of Directors (17 ‘directors’, the international president and the international incoming president),

  • the general secretary,

  • the district governors and

  • the president, the outgoing president, the vice-president and the treasurer of RIBI (Great Britain and Ireland).

They represent Rotary International above and beyond all national interests. They are elected and appointed in accordance with the procedures set forth in the Rotary Constitution and Bylaws.

In conjunction with the regional offices and the RIBI office, the headquarters of Rotary International provide administrative back-up, collect donations and reports, grant financial support and produce statistics. These offices also handle internal and external communication, via a website, the publishing of regional magazines and videos as well as other means of documentation. Whilst the international president is the highest official in charge of Rotary International, administrative supervision of Rotary International lies with the general secretary. He manages a staff of 650 people who work at the headquarters of Rotary International, located in Evanston, a suburb north of Chicago (US), or in one of the regional offices worldwide.

The Rotarian is a member of the Rotary Club. The Rotary Club is member of an association named Rotary International.

The Rotary Clubs are divided into Districts. There are 531 Districts worldwide. Each District is run by a team of volunteers, under the supervision of a governor. The governor is a Rotary International official.

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