Long-term exchanges


Students are given the opportunity at the end of their secondary education cycle to study an extra year abroad.


Open to students ages 16-19.


Belgian or Luxembourg academic year.


Before 1 January of the year preceding the required academic year.

Selection criteria and sponsorship

Submit application to Rotary Club.


With 3 to 4 host families. Preferably Rotarians or families approved by Rotary.

How much does a long-term exchange cost?

For the family of the outbound student, e.g. spending a year abroad (*):

  • Application handling fees: EUR 250; these fees are not refundable;

  • Costs of the compulsory briefing week-end, compulsory Rotary jacket, badge, debriefing upon return of the YEP, and a small contribution for activities of inbound students: EUR 250 in total, before 15 February, refundable before 15 February, and not refundable beyond this date (purchase orders issued);

  • Supplies: student business cards, t-shirts and pins;

  • Return air ticket (necessarily via IATA - International Air Transport Association);

  • Insurance (up to USD 500) in some Districts which do not accept our insurance;

  • Travels in country of residence if any (not always) but which might be expensive.

(*) Each District can define its own criteria in this respect.



For the inbound student, staying in our country (*):

  • Pocket money: EUR 65/month borne by the Host Rotary Club during a period of 10 months;

  • Expenses linked to hosting in Host Rotary Club; borne by the Host Rotary Club;

  • Small gifts: birthday, Christmas, New Year;

  • Possible language tuition during 1 or 2 months: Host Rotary Club or families;

  • Possible travel expenses – bus-rail passes: Host Rotary Club or families;

  • Possible sports activities: Host Rotary Club or families;

  • Insurance costs are covered by the District.

(*) Each District can define its own criteria in this respect.

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