All Rotary Districts set up Youth Exchange Programmes. For one or two weeks, they bring together groups of 15 to 20 young people from different countries for cultural, educational or entertainment activities. The main objective is to provide young people with the opportunity to meet one another and hence foster cross-fertilisation. Sponsoring Districts act as coordinators in these Youth Exchange Programmes.


Most programmes are open to girls and/or boys between the ages of 16 and 25.
Age criteria however are set by the hosting Rotary Clubs or Districts.


Our Holiday Exchange Programmes are designed for children of Rotarians or non-Rotarians, sponsored by a Rotary Club from D 1620, 1630 of 2170. Proficiency in the language of the country of destination is an asset but in most cases, English is the main language of communication. Commitment, motivation and good communication skills are a must.


  • Most programmes last two weeks and take place in summer. Some winter programmes – for instance in Austria – take place in January, February or March.

  • Participating Districts are generally part of the EEMA zone (Europe and Mediterranean region).

  • The application file can be downloaded from following address (‘Application for a Rotary Short-term Youth Exchange Program’ – Publication Number 763-EN). As soon as it is legible and completed in English, preferably in block capitals, it should be returned in four copies to the undersigned. Add a list of available dates between 15 June and 15 October, as well as the (European) countries of your choice. As soon as we receive offers for scholarships, we publish them on our website under the section ANNOUNCEMENTS.

  • On the basis of the number of applications and offer of stays abroad, applicants receive a proposal to which they shall respond within 48 hours.

  • Young people who have hitherto never participated in a Holiday Exchange Programme, who had to drop out earlier for an acceptable reason, or who have ever suffered cancellation by a host District, shall have precedence.

  • Rotary will ask young people to behave as ambassadors of their country and have a sound knowledge of Rotary.


For the participant: EUR 150 application handling fees

  • insurance (third-party liability, accident and health, hospitalisation, death, repatriation)

  • outward and return travel expenses

  • pocket money

  • some organizing Districts ask applicants for financial compensation for renting of boats, bicycles, guides, cableways

  • RI assumes that parents of selected applicants are prepared to welcome young foreign people for 3 to 7 nights in their homes.

For sponsoring Rotary Clubs, the share in the costs amounts to EUR 150.

These amounts should be paid as soon as possible on IBAN account number BE66 0017 6957 5343. BIC: GEBABEBB of Rotary HEP Belux, Kempenlaan 28, 3120 Tremelo.

Host Rotary Clubs cover all accommodation expenses and – nearly always – free transportation (in some countries, hotel accommodation is not borne by the host Rotary Club). Applicants are hosted by families from three to four Rotary Clubs. Host Clubs organize joint activities, sometimes including stays at youth hostels, hotels, etc.


If possible, Belgian and Luxembourg participants will be notified of the possibility of travelling together. Participants will however take care themselves of travelling arrangements.

At the border, written permission from parents is required for minors.

Some countries require special travel documents such as a visa, etc.

In the past, most of the candidates already book their travelling tickets upon acceptance, but only confirm them after having received formal approval of their participation by the foreign host District.

In the event of non-acceptance by the foreign host District, you will indeed lose your travel expenses (HEP does not bear any responsibility in respect hereof). Many airline companies offer student travel discounts.

As soon as the travel schedule (flight number) is established, the applicant shall notify the host country in order to organize his or her arrival and departure.

Dominique Truyen
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