JULI update ; As of July 1st, 2015 honorary members will also be synchronised with RI (previously, only ACTIVE members were synchronised)

Clubs can now find "Website Statistics" in the UTILITY menu (Administration mode)

JUNE 2015 : SEMDA V2.0 implemented

JANUARI upgrade ; Release 6.1.2015

- The new CMS Version 4 will be installed on Tuesday, 6.1.2015

- The CMS system will not be available on this day due to the release work (morning - later afternoon). A "Maintenance Mode" will be displayed.

- Additionally to the CMS Version 4 features, a new "Newsletter Module" will be added to your system. You will find a guide at the same place as you have today your CMS guide (Admin Backend of the Club)


Release 4.0



- Members can choose to receive an ICS calendar entry when registering for a meeting to update their personal electronic agenda


Information District

- Three last events of District will be visible for Clubs



• Selection : Active membres

• Selection : Honorary members

• Selection : Club Guests

• Selection : All members



• Link to download files

• reply-to address

• rich text HTML editor for preparing messages


E-mails regarding event participation

• Reminder for members not registered

• Registration confirmation

• Cancelation confirmation



• 2 godfathers can be selected and synchronized with RI


Phone / Fax / Mobile

• Country code in separate field





- new (RI) validation (format mask) for telephone numbers

- removal of popup window (warning) about format of telephone numbers

- 3 latest Agenda entries of the District are shown in the Clubs

- new mail functions, including ;

- ICS File for each Agenda (Meeting), possibility to send per mail to members with ICS-Flag active

- Mails from a club to:

- Active members

- Honorary members

- Club guests

- all members including non members

- Mails concerning an agenda:

- without feedback

- acceptance

- cancellation

- Mail functions:

- link for File-Download

- a fix reply-address for each club

- Rich Text Editor for Mailbody

- ... more updates to be confirmed asap



Known issue : Format of telephone numbers

Known issue : Links in HEP announcements not working

Training (NL) : 7 JUL 2014 19:30 : Van der Valk Nazareth (please register at callemin.ronny@belgacom.net)

Training (FR) : 7 JUL 2014 19:30 : Best Western Ghislenghien (please register at guido@treviorta.be)


Training (NL) : 2 SEPT 2014 (please register at luc.van.der.biest@telenet.be)

Training (FR) : 3 SEPT 2014 (please register at luc.van.der.biest@telenet.be)

Training (NL) : 4 SEPT 2014 (please contact AG Bernard Theunis)

Training (NL) : 6 OKT 2014 (please register at luc.van.der.biest@telenet.be)

Training (FR) : 7 OCT 2014 (please register at luc.van.der.biest@telenet.be)



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