Every year, thousands of young people participate in youth and educational Rotary programmes aimed at fostering international understanding and friendship. It would be a shame however to call it quits and leave it at that.

Participants choose Rotary because of its commitment to international understanding. As Alumni Fellows they make up a vast network and are forever part of Rotary.


Get involved in Rotary

Do you want to get involved in the Rotary Foundation, renew old acquaintances or make new friends? Here are some ways to keep in touch.

Continue to get actively involved in Rotary

Rotary is a network of men and women who share the same values. You have recently relocated and are looking for a job or you are interested in meeting new people? Do contact the local Rotary Club! Maintaining contact with Rotary only enhances the experience you have gained through the Foundation. Consider joining a Rotaract or Rotary Club.

Develop contacts with Alumni Fellows and Rotarians

To become member of an Alumni association or start one up in your region, please contact the coordinators of the Rotary Foundation Alumni Association and discover ways to reacquaint with Alumni Fellows and with Rotarians.

Offer your services

Join the many Alumni Fellows of the Rotary Foundation, who are already involved in actions set up by a Rotary Club or District. Your sponsor adviser, your host adviser, the local Rotary Club or coordinators of the Rotary Foundation Alumni Association will gladly explain how you can volunteer for and contribute to Rotary.


Share your experience

Alumni Fellows are the best spokespersons for the Rotary Foundation programmes. By sharing your experience with others, you promote the Rotary ideals and encourage prospective goodwill ambassadors. You can help recruit programme participants, participate in inbound and outbound orientation sessions or even act as an adviser to Rotary Clubs or Districts. You can also make presentations during club meetings or become a mentor for current participants in programmes of the Rotary Foundation, and of Interact or Rotaract members.

Contribute to the Rotary Foundation

The Rotary values have drawn you to these programmes in the first place. The goal to further international understanding through effective educational and humanitarian programmes around the world continues today. Your contribution ensures the sustainability of these programmes.

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