As part of its responsibility to preserve and protect the Rotary International emblem, the Board of Directors of Rotary International has set up a licensing system.

Any individual or company, interested in manufacturing or selling goods containing the Rotary name, emblem or any other Rotary marks, must be licensed by Rotary International. Any unauthorized reproduction or sale of the RI emblem, in any form, infringes on RI’s trademark rights. By granting licenses to sellers and manufacturers of goods associated to Rotary, RI retains control over the reproduction and/or selling of its intellectual property.

This control contributes to maintaining constant quality in the reproduction of the Rotary emblem and other Rotary marks, and hence ensures the accurate and faithful reproduction of quality goods.

Rotarians are encouraged to purchase merchandise with the Rotary marks only from official licensees. You can find the list of current official licensees in the Official Directory, as well as below.


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